When a fat hijabi became Frida Kahlo for Halloween

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“I think that little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive.”  – Frida Kahlo

I’m always excited for Halloween. I don’t celebrate it but the idea of a group of people who get together, making the effort to dress weird together and party together is definitely my kinda thing. So when I found out that today was gonna be the agency’s Halloween party, I knew I had to put in some effort and make a statement. Or maybe not…

So I went on Instagram to ask for Halloween outfit ideas and got myself some interesting suggestions. From Professor McGonagall to popular Netflix series, Stranger Things’ character, Barb, I find it quite surprising to see how my friends and followers on Instagram suggested characters that they feel would suit me best – understanding my personality, personal style and all.

But it was my favourite Nogori-now-New York mami, Melor’s suggestion that stuck with me the most.

Frida Kahlo. Straight up.

I became aware of Frida when I watched her biopic years ago. That’s when I knew of her story. I find Frida to be this super strong, courages woman whose spirit, love, and tenacity I admire and wish I could replicate. Frida might be a Mexican icon but in my eyes she’s an icon for all women whose life story and values we all can learn from.

Melor shared with me screenshots of others rocking Frida’s signature look as Halloween costume, queen Beyonce included,  and gave some ideas on what I needed to get to put the look together and I knew right there and then that I was gonna be Frida.

A fat hijabi Frida.

What do you think?

Details of my look: 

  • Turban & flower crown – plastic flowers that I piece together on top of my turban using pins. My turban is tied using a Hana Tajima for Uniqlo scarf. 
  • Shoulder scarf from Monki.
  • Off shoulder black dress from Marks & Spencer.
  • White inner from Uniqlo. 
  • Necklace from Mango.
  • Striped pants from Marks & Spencer. 
  • Reebok Classic white sneakers from Crossover. 

People who made it happen:

  • Idea: Melor
  • Photos: Najib Salman 
  • Makeup: Sufiah + Nazirah

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