Month: December 2017

#StoriesFromMyTrip – Floyd & Anca

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Stories From My Trip

I told Floyd that I wanted to see him and Anca for dinner on my first day in Amsterdam. We set the time and place to meet up and I remember walking and eventually running towards them when I saw both of them eagerly waiting for me right by the river next to Amsterdam Centraal. I remember having that emotional but joyful feeling you get when you see familiar faces after over 24hr of flights, […]

A writing for my brother

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Get Personal

My brother, Adib and I used to be really close when we were both still kids. He was my first brother and my first friend. He’s the reason I am called Along (that’s an endearment term in Malay for the eldest sibling). And we would make the duo that is Along and Adib, daughter and son of Ashari and Anidah. Only three years apart,¬†Along and Adib would do almost everything together. Like building Lego homes, […]