Month: November 2017

Wear it two ways

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Lifestyle / Plus Style

I’ve been going to the gym every Monday for weeks now and there’s one person to thank for that: my colleague Katherine, who in the beginning, constantly pushes me to join her for one of the classes at KOA. I was reluctant at first, saying working out is not for me. Truth be told, I haven’t worked out or get active for so long. I’ll come out with excuses like I’m too busy but I’m […]

The Tourist

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Stories From My Trip / Travels

I used to hate being called a tourist, even worst, travel like one. Just like when this slightly older German Turkish guy dropped that one word statement-like-question to me, “Tourist?” The very sound of that word irked me, but I nodded along and said yes. The guy was just being friendly and I appreciated it. I saw him and his wife (maybe girlfriend, I dunno) walked into this Halal fast food outlet called Risa on […]