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I’ve been going to the gym every Monday for weeks now and there’s one person to thank for that: my colleague Katherine, who in the beginning, constantly pushes me to join her for one of the classes at KOA. I was reluctant at first, saying working out is not for me. Truth be told, I haven’t worked out or get active for so long. I’ll come out with excuses like I’m too busy but I’m mostly just… well, lazy. Since that first class, I’ve been going back weekly, start small and start slow, hoping and trying not to miss any.

But one thing I can’t start small with, are the clothes. I gotta dress the part. I remember having a conversation with another colleague of mine/active lifestyle advisor, Sandy Heung, about what I needed to get – sports bras are essential so I started with that since the old ones were already too small for me. Since, I’ve been adding more workout clothes into my collection and especially excited that one of my favourite plus size brands, MS. READ recently launched its first Activewear collection.

Got my hands on a number of items but I especially like how versatile basic items like the shirts can be. This v-neck grey shirt is one of them. Match it with a jacket, a pair of dark blue jeans and my trusted kick for a casual office look (thankfully, I can wear like this to work!) before I changed to my workout clothes after work.

The fact is, the gym I frequent to – KOA – is located in the same building as my agency’s office. At around 6.15pm, I would be in a rush to change my work clothes to gym clothes in order to join in the class at 6.30pm. I imagine how easy it would be not having to change into too many pieces of clothing and just sweat the shirt out for good.

And that’s exactly what happened every other week. I sweat everything like a pig and every piece that I wear is soaked through. But it feels good though. I feel good, refreshed and always ready to do it all over again next Monday.


Outfit details:

Casual look: V-neck Short Sleeved Shirt by Ms. Read, mesh bomber jacket from Ms. Read, denim legging from H&M, white sneakers from Reebok Classic, head scarf from Primark, bandana as accessory from H&M.

Workout look: V-neck Short Sleeved Shirt from Ms. Read, Straight Cut Track Pants from Ms Read, trainers from Nike, head scarf from Primark, bandana as accessory from H&M.

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