#StoriesFromMyTrip – Floyd & Anca

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Stories From My Trip

I told Floyd that I wanted to see him and Anca for dinner on my first day in Amsterdam. We set the time and place to meet up and I remember walking and eventually running towards them when I saw both of them eagerly waiting for me right by the river next to Amsterdam Centraal.

I remember having that emotional but joyful feeling you get when you see familiar faces after over 24hr of flights, layover, train ride, hostel check-in and some walking around a city estranged to you. I could not contain my excitement, I felt like I was about to cry when I embraced them. Three years since I saw them last in KL and I remember telling myself every year since to have to make a trip to Europe happen. I have friends to visit. Floyd and Anca was on top of that list.

Floyd was my boss back in 2014, someone – even to this day – I consider a mentor. A genius who doesn’t like Malaysian food (aha!), speak English with an American accent (I really thought he was American when I had my first Skype interview with him, but no, he’s Dutch), enjoy some good hip hop music and House of Cards series like myself; Floyd was that role model figure I needed in my career – someone I learned a lot from, and most importantly, learned so much about my own self from.

Floyd created a work family for us then. I would work long hours and would still come back early the next morning, always motivated. He would challenged me, taught me leadership skills and how to run my own small team at a young age, but the part I enjoyed most about working with him was discovering my own potential and being empowered in everything I do. We would spend a lot of time as a team outside of work too. I remember when we had that team party joined by our loved ones. We had potluck, wore themed outfit because I wanted a family photo and that miming lip sync battle going on. It was such a good night. That was just one of many but it was Floyd who taught me the idea of a family team and it has always been one of my work goals everywhere I go.

There’s so much I can say about Floyd and my admiration for that man but Floyd without his Anca, is incomplete. I felt like Anca is his rock. Equally smart and talented, Anca has this warmth about her that makes you feel right at home. And ‘home’ I was, in Amsterdam, because of these two.

Thank you Floyd and Anca for the food and drinks, introducing me to Chocomel (which I got addicted to), for the “Amsterdam experience”, and Anca for being that big sister who always make sure things are under control, for welcoming me to your home, for the advice, for the good vibes, for the great conversations we had those two nights, and most importantly, for being you two.

Will see each other soon. I know that.

Written on October 5 in Spreegold Store on Stargarder Straße 82, Berlin; edited in Kuala Lumpur. Floyd & Anca is story #4.

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